cover of the book Unique by Alexandre Pachulski

Unique, the future is in your hands

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” rightly said Oscar Wilde. Okay, but how? Nothing in the organization of our current society favours privileged access to oneself.

School? It teaches us a thousand and one things, none of which are aimed at self-knowledge. The world of work? It forces us to conform to old-fashioned norms that prevent the expression of our own talents. As for new technologies, they seem designed to standardize us more and more.

However, with the arrival of artificial intelligence, it is high time that we affirm the human quality which can never be replaced by a machine: the part that makes us unique. It is only in aligning what we do with who we truly are that we will be able to, together and each in our own way, contribute authentically to the society of tomorrow.

I wrote « Unique » to make a committed argument, illustrated with many examples from pop culture, in favour of a critical revolution that will enable us to focus on our most precious asset: our human uniqueness.

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